*New and notable bands* (Bandcamp edition)

As a true doom fan that I am I always try to look deep in the underground like a rat in the sewers, here are some of my favorite bands I’ve found on Bandcamp recently


These guys hail from Little Rock, Arkansas and they combine a very interesting spin of prog and doom. They even give you a little tease of black metal on their song “War Pipe/Rite of the Calumet”. Their newest album “The Guardian of Yosemite” is absolutely fantastic, if you get the chance make sure you check these guys out and see them on your with pallbearer right now.



If you want simple, impactful and crushing sludge then “Weed Demon” is for you. These guys are from Columbus, Ohio, and they bring the heavy! They do have crushing riffs but don’t be mistaken they lead you on winding paths and valleys to new worlds with their samples and slow progressive parts to their songs.



Man where do I start with these guys? They are Canada bound and they are a progressive/speed metal band that is in the same vein as Voivod. One thing that really pops out at me is their jazz influence in their music, it brings such a cool atmosphere to the music, it’s like if a hammer was hitting you but it had this nice velvet cover on it, it still hurts but you’re ok with it. A song that stands out for me is “Abandoned Celestial State”, it starts off very thrashy and but then totally changes direction and goes into this jazz path but then goes right back into a thrash attack, it’s so refreshing. They almost remind me of something that faith no more would do or something like that. Go support these guys, you’ll thank me later!


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