King Buffalo – Repeater (Album Review)

What a beautiful day, time to wake up, make a hot cup of joe and throw on the new “king buffalo” album “Repeater”. These guys hail from Rochester, New York, and they are a 3-piece group but still manage to throw in a few synth parts here and there and that’s really cool to hear, it almost reminds me of how the sword does it In their new music. Their guitar riffs are so spacey and big it sounds like you’ve been teleported to another world. It’s basically everything you need in a stoner metal album, big nice riffs, slow melodic parts, big full drums and great bass lines that’ll be stuck in your head for ages. And considering there’s only 3 songs on this album or EP whatever you wanna call it, the songs have so many parts and it almost leaves you in meditative state when you listen to it, so it doesn’t feel unfulfilled. Make sure you go support King Buffalo and make sure you go seem them on tour with The Sword.

I’m giving this album a 7/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews. See you guys next time.

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