Wolftooth – S/T (Album Review)

Oh yeah baby, I’m very excited to review this beast. I’m proud to be reviewing the new album by “Wolftooth” simply titled “Wolftooth”. These guys hail from Richmond, Indiana, So lemme just get the bad stuff out of the way first and it’s not even bad it’s just something I noticed, so when I first played this album the music is very heavy and melodic and that was one thing I absolutely enjoyed right outta the gate, but then the vocals kicked in, and I felt turned off from it just because I didn’t really think they mixed well but then I kept listening to the album and it really does mix well. It really reminded me of the sword and how they have such heavy songs with clean singing over them, so after a couple listens I started to really dig it.

But seriously this album makes you wanna ride a dragon in the middle of the winter, I really enjoy and appreciate music that creates visuals for me and Wolftooth really achieves this on this record, one song that really stands out with me is “Frost Lord”, I just wanna slay ogres to this song. But overall the albums production is great and the drums are so thunderous and beefy it’s awesome. Make sure you check these guys out and go support them!


Today I’m giving Wolftooth a 6.8/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.


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