Weedpecker – III (Album Review)

Ah yes, what a beautiful day, today I will be reviewing the new album from the Poland based heavy hitters “Weedpecker”, these guys have achieved to put out 3 solid releases with the first one being “S/T” back in 2013, and now with their newest album “III”. Let us begin this journey with the start of the album (keep in mind these guys are in the same vein as OM, Naxatras and Foot) they start very subtle and soft, but it leads to something very uplifting and really raises the spirits. They almost remind me of Tame Impala at times with their vocals and chord progressions. This album really puts you on a nice walk through the woods with very great clean guitar sounds, beautiful vocals and great production on the drums.

I tried to come up with some bad things on this album but I really can’t, maybe these songs could be shorter? Definitely not, these songs really need length and time to settle in. Over time the songs almost puts you in a meditative state. Go check these guys out and go support this great band!


Today I will be giving weedpecker a 8.5/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.


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