Green Lung – Free the Witch (EP Review)

Finally the time has come for this amazing fuzz filled, catchy hooks, thick bass lines and pounding drums from the London based “Green Lung”! The EP automatically starts very punchy and in your face, which is great, I hate how sometimes a stoner or doom album can take ages to get started, Green Lung know how to get the party started in just the right way, with super catchy riffs and super catchy choruses. Then when you get into the second song “Free the Witch”, the song is just kinda standard in the beginning but towards the end it almost turns into some sort of ritualistic chant straight from an Coven album or your dads horror movie collection. The doom train keeps moving into “Living Fossil”, which has a great sludge riff in the beginning which is very tasty, again the song is very typical but then they throw in a sweet spacey bass solo right in the middle, it fits perfectly. Finally they leave you with a monstrous 8-minuet banger titled “Older than the Hills”, it’s very chill and it features a very cool Wah bass effect in there and a great phaser guitar riff for all the music nerds that care. Then they leave you with 17 seconds of complete silence because after listening to the EP your gonna have to reflect your life.

I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with this album, the only thing I could maybe point out is that the songs are a little too stretch but that’s me trying to find something wrong with it, my god this piece is perfect, and I highly recommend it to not only just your average stoner metal fan but even someone that’s dabbling into sludge and the heavier side of stoner metal. Go buy these guys awesome merch and go buy yourself this awesome EP!

Today I’m giving this EP a 9.5/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

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