LáGoon – The Unwelcome (Album Review)

Portland’s based two piece fuzzy stonery heavyweights have returned for the follow up to “L’affaire Des Poisons” so let’s find out who the Unwelcome are and let’s see if the riffs are up to par.

First off lemme just say that the guitar tone really stands to me, now obviously they’re just a two piece, but when I first heard them they sounded like a full band.

The first couple songs that really stand out to me is “Worship the Van” and “Chop City” both of those songs are such a prime example of their super catchy riffs and song writing. This whole record is full of fuzz and doom but with some swing and catchiness which I think is an absolute perfect mix.

They definitely nail the roller coaster effect that I keep bringing up on these last couple reviews, they really know to go everywhere musically, they never stay in one spot for to long.

So truth be told I’m totally in love with this record and I highly recommend checking out this band and if you see them on tour make sure you go support them and buy their merch and music!


Today I’m giving this album a 8/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews

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