Thecodontion-Thecodontia (Album Review)

Coming straight from the demons belly of Italy, “Thecodontion” is releasing “Thecodontia” out on February 16th on “Gravplass Propaganda Records” via Bandcamp, SoundCloud and cassette. Now the first thing I found really cool about these guys is that their lyrical content is about Fossils, Dinosaurs and Geologic Periods, and they even have coined a sub-genre called “Prehistoric Metal of War” and I thought that was very cool and different for their genre, because usually when you listen to Death/Black Metal, it’s usual lyrical theme is Satan, death and destruction. Now I must warn you these guys are just a two-piece band consisting of drums, bass and vocals, but I must say they have a very big sound and it’s very full.

Their music to me is just normal Death/Black Metal but they do it in such a original way it almost distracts you from the fact that it’s fast drums and growls, so that’s very cool,

Make sure you guys preorder their new album coming out February 16th! And make sure you support the monstrosity that is….Thecodontion!

I’m giving this album a 6.66/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

Wolftooth – S/T (Album Review)

Oh yeah baby, I’m very excited to review this beast. I’m proud to be reviewing the new album by “Wolftooth” simply titled “Wolftooth”. These guys hail from Richmond, Indiana, So lemme just get the bad stuff out of the way first and it’s not even bad it’s just something I noticed, so when I first played this album the music is very heavy and melodic and that was one thing I absolutely enjoyed right outta the gate, but then the vocals kicked in, and I felt turned off from it just because I didn’t really think they mixed well but then I kept listening to the album and it really does mix well. It really reminded me of the sword and how they have such heavy songs with clean singing over them, so after a couple listens I started to really dig it.

But seriously this album makes you wanna ride a dragon in the middle of the winter, I really enjoy and appreciate music that creates visuals for me and Wolftooth really achieves this on this record, one song that really stands out with me is “Frost Lord”, I just wanna slay ogres to this song. But overall the albums production is great and the drums are so thunderous and beefy it’s awesome. Make sure you check these guys out and go support them!

Today I’m giving Wolftooth a 6.8/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

Record Label Spotlight feat. Live Fast Die Records

This is something new that I’ve never done but I’m going to show you all a great independent label that has many heavy hitting bands on it and I highly recommend checking them out.

This label is titled “Live Fast Die Records”, (Side note, I’m a big fan of GG Allin references). This label is primarily a Sludge/Doom/Crust label hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota. So, now that I’ve got the boring stuff out of the way let’s dive into the bands!

Circadian Ritual

The first band I wanna dive into is “Circadian Ritual”. These guys released an album back in December of 2017 and it’s titled “Befallen”. Now these dudes bring the heaviness, it feels like you’ve been teleported into some haunted cathedral and Circadian Ritual is playing for you. Go follow the link down below to check out their new record and go to the very bottom to check out any hard copies you wanna get your hands on

No Funeral

No funeral are another sludge/doom filled heavy hitter on the label. They actually released an EP titled “Mankind is Carrion, Fit for Nothing” and they did a split with the band “Livid”. If you hate your life and you wish you were dying in a hole then I’d definitely check out No Funeral.


The last band I’m gonna show you guys are “Ulkum”, these dudes really bring the black metal vibe for sure. It’s very dark, depressing and evil! They released a couple things in 2017, the first thing was “Demonstration” which was a bunch of their rehearsals and they released “First prophecy”. Remember guys follow the links and check out these great bands and support this great label!


Well there ya have it, my first record label spotlight! I hope you guys enjoyed!

Portal – Ion (Album Review)

Where do I begin…I have mix feelings about this band, not because I dislike them or I am not a fan but how much fear and anxiety they give me when I listen to them. Today I’m reviewing the new “Portal” album titled “Ion”. Let us begin shall we, so we when you first throw on this album you get this very atmospheric beginning, it’s almost in the same vein as Sunn o))) or something that Eagle Twin would do, so it sets a real good tone throughout the whole record. Now when the instruments start it almost feels like an intruder has entered your home and you feel so helpless and you have so much fear running through your veins, plus the guitars sound like there’s a million little bugs crawling all over you with demonic vocals piercing your eardrums. Trust me I’ve listened to many bands but I’ve never ran Into a band that’s given me such anxiety, but I think overall that’s a great thing because, music should make you feel emotions (good, bad or indifferent).

There’s not much on this album I didn’t really like, even though the songs become repetitive and kinda sound the same, they put very creepy and atmospheric fillers in between songs so you don’t feel like your being mutilated the WHOLE time.

These mats hail from the wonderful land of Australia and have been striking fear into people since 1994. You can go listen for yourselves over on Spotify or Bandcamp.

Today I’m giving this album a 8/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

King Buffalo – Repeater (Album Review)

What a beautiful day, time to wake up, make a hot cup of joe and throw on the new “king buffalo” album “Repeater”. These guys hail from Rochester, New York, and they are a 3-piece group but still manage to throw in a few synth parts here and there and that’s really cool to hear, it almost reminds me of how the sword does it In their new music. Their guitar riffs are so spacey and big it sounds like you’ve been teleported to another world. It’s basically everything you need in a stoner metal album, big nice riffs, slow melodic parts, big full drums and great bass lines that’ll be stuck in your head for ages. And considering there’s only 3 songs on this album or EP whatever you wanna call it, the songs have so many parts and it almost leaves you in meditative state when you listen to it, so it doesn’t feel unfulfilled. Make sure you go support King Buffalo and make sure you go seem them on tour with The Sword.

I’m giving this album a 7/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews. See you guys next time.

Foot – Buffalo (Album Review)

Today I will be reviewing the absolutely beautiful album by “Foot” titled “Buffalo”. Now where do I begin? Well let’s just take a moment to point out the artistic duel guitars that’s on this album, at some parts of the album it sounds like they reincarnate Pete and johns duel guitar parts from baroness almost to a tee! And I think that’s just a wonderful thing to create because in this stoner/sludge genre it almost gets repetitive of just over fuzzed guitars and muddy bass tones, so it’s great to hear something thrown in the mix and I think Foot definitely achieve that.

Going from track to track feels like your floating down a river that has all sorts of twists and turns and bumps along the way but overall it flows very nicely together. Some more notable tracks to me are “Thunder Cave”, “Buffalo” and “Lied”, but I think all of these tracks are just fantastic, and I hate to blow smoke up bands butts but “Buffalo” is a near perfect album. I mean even in their description of their album it says ” This album was written after spending time in country Victoria and forms the over-arching concept of using a beautiful piece of nature as an escape or healing mechanism

This is a Mammoth Tongue first but I’m giving this album a 10/10, go out and support “Foot” from Australia.

*New and notable bands* (Bandcamp edition)

As a true doom fan that I am I always try to look deep in the underground like a rat in the sewers, here are some of my favorite bands I’ve found on Bandcamp recently


These guys hail from Little Rock, Arkansas and they combine a very interesting spin of prog and doom. They even give you a little tease of black metal on their song “War Pipe/Rite of the Calumet”. Their newest album “The Guardian of Yosemite” is absolutely fantastic, if you get the chance make sure you check these guys out and see them on your with pallbearer right now.


If you want simple, impactful and crushing sludge then “Weed Demon” is for you. These guys are from Columbus, Ohio, and they bring the heavy! They do have crushing riffs but don’t be mistaken they lead you on winding paths and valleys to new worlds with their samples and slow progressive parts to their songs.


Man where do I start with these guys? They are Canada bound and they are a progressive/speed metal band that is in the same vein as Voivod. One thing that really pops out at me is their jazz influence in their music, it brings such a cool atmosphere to the music, it’s like if a hammer was hitting you but it had this nice velvet cover on it, it still hurts but you’re ok with it. A song that stands out for me is “Abandoned Celestial State”, it starts off very thrashy and but then totally changes direction and goes into this jazz path but then goes right back into a thrash attack, it’s so refreshing. They almost remind me of something that faith no more would do or something like that. Go support these guys, you’ll thank me later!