Corrosion of Conformity-No Cross No Crown (Album Review)

Making a triumphant return we take a look at COCs new album “No Cross No Crown”. Now this is COCs 10th studio album, and this is Pepper Keenan’s return since their album “In the Arms of God”, that was released back in 2005. So being a big fan of COC I don’t want to make a biased review so I’m gonna just state facts about the album that I found that were good and bad.

What I really enjoyed about the album was they really took the time to make solid “Rock ‘n Roll” hits, like songs like “Wolf Named Crow” and “The Luddite”. They also really hit a lot of bases on this album, it’s not just a straight stoner rock record they have experiment tracks like the title track “No Cross No Crown” and more doom songs like “A quest to believe”. So you get a lot of things in here, it’s like a mixed bag of stoner metal treats.

Now for the things I don’t like. The production on this record is good don’t get me wrong but when I was listening to it, it sounded like there was multiple things happening at once like it was layered incorrectly somehow. Also the songs seem to get repetitive towards the end of the album, but I think COC knew that so they threw filler track in the album to break up the heaviness which I absolutely think is necessary. So overall this album is a great comeback from Corrosion of Conformity. And I’m glad to see Pepper still writing great killer riffs.

I’m giving this album a 7/10 on Mammoth Tongue Reviews. Remember you can go check out my reviews and follow me on WordPress.


Mare Cognitum-The Sea which has become known (Album Review)

Let me just start off by saying this album will take other worlds by their monolithic riff and blistering drum beats. The album starts off with “Internal Deliquescence” by this very slow and atmospheric vibe they create, it will absolutely give you chills and they definitely achieve this feeling throughout the whole record. Some more notable parts on the whole album is their thrash-tastic song “Vehement Coalescence”, the riffs and technical playing is truly incredible. I think the only downside is the vocalist, not that he isn’t a bad vocalist I just think the music itself is so majestic and beautiful he almost ruins the songs by putting vocals over it. But other than that this album absolutely slays, it’s everything you want in a typical atmospheric black metal record and then some, plus weird creepy noises in there just to mix it up a bit. You can purchase the album on January 19th, so make sure you go out and support this great black metal band.

I’m giving this album a 9/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

Most anticipated albums of 2018

My most anticipated albums of 2018

So we’re coming to a close on 2017 and it’s been really good for the stoner/doom community, but let’s look for the future of 2018 and see what’s coming.

Killer Boogie – Acid Cream

These guys are coming in from “Heavy Psych Sounds Records” and I haven’t heard much of these guys but what I have heard is really killer rock ‘n roll! Get ready to boogie!

Windhand/Satan’s Satyrs – S/T

Now anyone that is a doom fan knows both these bands very well. It’s very cool to see such different bands on the heavy spectrum doing a split together, and since Windhand hasn’t put out anything since 2015 and Satan’s Satyrs hasn’t put out anything since 2015 as well it should be pretty interesting to see what these cats are up to.

Green Druid – Ashen Blood

These guys are coming from the “Earache Records” camp and their hailing from Denver Colorado, you can check out their singles over on Spotify. If you love classic ancient doom then Green Druid is for you! That rhymed unintentionally.


“Baroness” is expecting to release an album sometime in 2018. Any guesses on what the color is gonna be? I want them to release a double album using the colors “black and white”.

High on Fire

High on fire just celebrated their 20th anniversary of being a band and they’re planning on releasing a record in 2018. PLUS Matt Pike’s other band “Sleep” is scheduled to release a new record. Matt is gonna have a busy year making heavy monolithic riffs.

High Reeper – S/T

These guys are also from the “Heavy Psych Sounds” gang and they got big plans to release their S/T album in 2018. If you love good ole stoner rock then “High Reeper” is for you.

Fingers crossed 2018 is as good as 2017 with the releases of stoner/doom albums.

Favorite Records of 2017

My favorite albums of 2017

So I’m gonna start doing reviews in January but for now I’m gonna post my favorite records of 2017.

10. Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper

So I’m sure it’s no surprise that bell witch reached my list for 2017. So for starters when the album came out I thought Bandcamp was messing up because I only saw one track but then soon found out that the album was a monolithic 83 minute opus. It’s basically like a slow moving roller coaster it’s got its high points but it’s very slow and outstretched parts, it almost reminds me of shoegaze at some parts. It’s a incredible piece of music and absolutely a work of art.

9. Demonic Death Judge – Seaweed

Next up on my list is Finland’s own Demonic Death Judge with their new album “seaweed”. It’s basically everything you want in a sludge/doom album and then some, it’s got slow thick riffs but it’s also got some progressive, clean and beautiful guitar based songs like “cavity” and “peninkulma”, which is always a nice break from the heavy riffs and that’s why it caught my ear.

8. Toke – Orange

Coming up on number 8 is the heavy hitting group “toke” with their new album “orange” there’s not much to say about it besides that it’s simple, heavy and effective and I think the simplicity of the album is what makes it so great, you can be reading a nice book or laundry and be playing this in the background and you’d absolutely enjoy it because you don’t have to think about it too much. And the production on the album is great, the drums are nice and full and the guitars are blistering and powerful and somehow the bass cuts through with absolute crushing power.

7. Beastmaker – Inside the Skull

Coming in at number 7 is the doom masters themselves “beastmaker” with their new album “inside the skull”. When I first heard this band The first thing that came to mind was their very retro sounding songs, and I think that definitely gives people a nostalgic feeling when they hear these songs that reminds them of sabbath, candlemass or witchfinder general. So I think this scene definitely needs bands like this to really hold the torch for having that classic vibe.

6. Gurt – Skullossus

This might be a surprise but coming in at number 6 is “gurt” with their colossal new album “skullossus”. Now I also like when sludge/doom metal bands throw something new in the mix and gurt definitely does that with their own sound of bludgeoning guitar riffs and hardcore influence. It’s all together just a fun album to listen to, there’s not much to it…and that’s why it’s great.

5. Year of the Cobra – Burn your Dead

Counting down to number 5 with “Burn your Dead” by Seattle’s own “Year of the Cobra”. They are just a two piece band consisting of bass, drums, keys and vocals. This album really striked me as a very “punk rock style” of an album because of their simple approach. This albums got great heavy riffs but also catchy vocals. It’s a fuzz based album I think everyone should check out.

4. Baba yaga – S/T

Continuing the path to number 4 is Wisconsin’s own “Baba Yaga”, I have no idea what it means but man does it sound cool. The album includes just 2 blistering songs, it almost reminds me of Bell witch with their slow and almost shoegaze approach to the genre and that really sticks out to me. The vocals sound like the deepest pit of a demons belly but also has great clean vocals as well. Usually when songs get passed the 10 minuet mark I usually get bored with it but not with this band, it holds you tight for dear life and it never lets you go….

3. The Obsessed – Sacred

Coming at number 3 is a blast from the past with “the obsessed” and their new album “sacred”. And this new album is like they never stopped writing killer riffs and catchy songs that make you wanna join a biker gang. It’s filled with heavy guitars, tambourine shakes and raspy vocals from wino himself.

2. Mephistofeles – (((I’m Heroin)))

We’ve come very far and coming at number 2 is “Mephistofeles” with their new album “(((I’m heroin)))”. This album will make you take a shower after listening to it, the riffs are so gross and fuzzy they make you feel like you’re doing something wrong. They have a big electric wizard feel to them so you know what you’re getting when you listen to this. Slow. Heavy. Fuzz.

1. Kadavar – Rough Times

Finally we’ve made it to number 1! I’m giving it to the boys in “Kadavar”. They put everything in this album that you wanna hear with out it sounding generic and boring. It’s got amazing riffs like on “Skeleton Blues” but also really catchy tracks like “Die Baby Die” and “Evil Words”. They have many weird sounds incorporated to mix it up here and there. And they even go to new boundaries with a track like “The Lost Child”. I couldn’t really find anything wrong with this album other than I wish it was longer.

Well there you go folks, my top 10 albums of 2017, I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you in 2018 with album reviews.