BORT – The Unblinking Eye (EP Review)

Strap in and get ready for this powerhouse of an EP, Canada’s own BORT follows up to their 2018 release of “Crossing the Desert” with “The Unblinking Eye” now let’s get right into the riffs.

The EP starts with almost a 80s style synth intro that reminds me of stranger things. Speaking of 80s they also do a fantastic recreation of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by “Tears for Fears” and as surprising as that is I think it fits perfectly into the EP.

The whole piece of music has really bluesy riffs and catchy vocals, I think they’ve progressed for the better since their first release.

I think one thing they really accomplished on this album is their super hooky choruses that’ll get stuck in your head for days.

So as always go support this awesome band, if they come to your town go see them and buy their merch!

Today I’m giving this album a 6/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews

Dopethrone – Transcanadian Anger (Album Review)

I’m a bit late for this one but hey better late than never. This band needs no introduction, the Canada based Dopethrone released “transcanadian Anger” and my god is this album filled with fuzz and DOOM.

It seems like every track on this album is a banger, you’ll never be disappointed with any of these tracks. For all of the Doom fans they will absolutely love this album.

The guitar is so thick and the bass is so heavy it reminds me of being sick and super nauseous but you’re gonna love this feeling. They even dabble in the Hardcore vibes on the track “KILLDOZER.” Over time this album may get a bit repetitive but the riffs are so heavy and fuzzy that it totally distracts you from the repetitiveness.

One track on the album that really stuck with me is their play on “Tush” from the legendary ZZ Top, titled “KINGBILLY KUSH.”

I think the climax of the album is actually the last song “MISERABLILIST” it’s a great end to the album and it features great guest vocals from Julie.

I highly recommend this album to anyone that loves heavy, sludge, doom. Go check these guys out at the Psycho Las Vegas Fest and wherever they stop at your town!

Today I’m giving this album a 7/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

Cancer Bats – The Spark that Moves (Album Review)

Now this ones a fun one ladies me gentlemen, sorry for the short hiatus but I’m back finally, I’m gonna do a review on one of my favorite bands. If you haven’t seen yet this is the newest release from the Canadian sludge/hardcore outfit Cancer Bats with “The Spark that Moves.” If you aren’t familiar with Cancer Bats like I said they got some sludge and doom influence in their style but they also infuse hardcore and punk rock to their songs which adds to a cool mix of songs. So let’s dive right into this bad boy.

Just like classic Cancer Bats they want to blast you right outta the gate with their first song appropriately called “Gatekeeper” which is a groove filled fun time of a song. Throughout this album is full of party anthems like their first song. But don’t get me wrong you’ll get more pop filled tracks like “We Run Free.” And they even make a tribute song to Winterpeg simply titled “Winterpeg.”

Overall this album brings the riffs and really catchy vocals plus pounding drums, these boys never fail to make a really fun record to listen to. Go check out this fantastic album and go support these great dudes!

Today I’m giving this album a 9/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

*New and notable bands* (Bandcamp edition)

As a true doom fan that I am I always try to look deep in the underground like a rat in the sewers, here are some of my favorite bands I’ve found on Bandcamp recently


These guys hail from Little Rock, Arkansas and they combine a very interesting spin of prog and doom. They even give you a little tease of black metal on their song “War Pipe/Rite of the Calumet”. Their newest album “The Guardian of Yosemite” is absolutely fantastic, if you get the chance make sure you check these guys out and see them on your with pallbearer right now.


If you want simple, impactful and crushing sludge then “Weed Demon” is for you. These guys are from Columbus, Ohio, and they bring the heavy! They do have crushing riffs but don’t be mistaken they lead you on winding paths and valleys to new worlds with their samples and slow progressive parts to their songs.


Man where do I start with these guys? They are Canada bound and they are a progressive/speed metal band that is in the same vein as Voivod. One thing that really pops out at me is their jazz influence in their music, it brings such a cool atmosphere to the music, it’s like if a hammer was hitting you but it had this nice velvet cover on it, it still hurts but you’re ok with it. A song that stands out for me is “Abandoned Celestial State”, it starts off very thrashy and but then totally changes direction and goes into this jazz path but then goes right back into a thrash attack, it’s so refreshing. They almost remind me of something that faith no more would do or something like that. Go support these guys, you’ll thank me later!