New and Notable Bands #3

We are all joined here together to journey across the land to find the newest and heaviest bands, here are some bands I’ve heard recently that have caught my attention.

Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean

If you want heavy…look no further “Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean” is the solution for you. Just think of the lowest point of the earth in a abyss, deep, dark and uncomfortable, that is how I would describe CTTBOTO, they released an album back in 2017 titled “Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress” and it absolutely rips. I highly recommend them for anyone that is a fan of very, very, very heavy music.

Indian Goat

Indian Goat are a great local band from my neck of the woods here in Spokane, Washington. They are a two piece fuzzy stoner rock band with a slide guitar thrown in, kinda reminds me if clutch was on acid riding a donkey. Definitely go check these guys out.


If you love old sword or baroness or very spacey and atmospheric heavy music then hyborian is for you! They have very melodic riffs almost in the same vein as In Flames, but somehow manage to keep the heaviness and catchiness as a stoner rock band. They released their debut album titled “Vol. 1”, go check it out and check these guys out on tour with everyone’s favorite stoners weedeater!

Well there you go ya filthy animals, some more tasty music you can dive into, Hope you guys enjoy.