Killer Boogie – Acid Cream (Album Review)

Finally the time is here! This album was actually on my most anticipated albums of 2018 so I’m very excited to finally here this acid drenched stoner rock album. For starters Killer Boogie have released “Acid Cream” via Heavy Psych Sounds Records, and they really know how to bring the old fuzzy/vintage sound to the listener, especially throwing in great bluesy solos in the mix.

There was a few great things I loved about the album, the drums sounded so natural and old school, it’s like they teleported me back to listening to Sabbath or blue cheer. The songs are very catchy and just fun to listen to, going into this record I was hoping that there was plenty of fun and exciting songs and they execute that perfectly. Each song with their unique blend of rock and 70s vibes.

Over time I think the songs may get a little repetitive, but I mean it’s not like a deal breaker, especially people that love this type of music are gonna absolutely love it. So go check out this album! Go check Killer Boogie in a town near you!

Today I’m giving this album a 7/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.


Most anticipated albums of 2018

My most anticipated albums of 2018

So we’re coming to a close on 2017 and it’s been really good for the stoner/doom community, but let’s look for the future of 2018 and see what’s coming.

Killer Boogie – Acid Cream

These guys are coming in from “Heavy Psych Sounds Records” and I haven’t heard much of these guys but what I have heard is really killer rock ‘n roll! Get ready to boogie!

Windhand/Satan’s Satyrs – S/T

Now anyone that is a doom fan knows both these bands very well. It’s very cool to see such different bands on the heavy spectrum doing a split together, and since Windhand hasn’t put out anything since 2015 and Satan’s Satyrs hasn’t put out anything since 2015 as well it should be pretty interesting to see what these cats are up to.

Green Druid – Ashen Blood

These guys are coming from the “Earache Records” camp and their hailing from Denver Colorado, you can check out their singles over on Spotify. If you love classic ancient doom then Green Druid is for you! That rhymed unintentionally.


“Baroness” is expecting to release an album sometime in 2018. Any guesses on what the color is gonna be? I want them to release a double album using the colors “black and white”.

High on Fire

High on fire just celebrated their 20th anniversary of being a band and they’re planning on releasing a record in 2018. PLUS Matt Pike’s other band “Sleep” is scheduled to release a new record. Matt is gonna have a busy year making heavy monolithic riffs.

High Reeper – S/T

These guys are also from the “Heavy Psych Sounds” gang and they got big plans to release their S/T album in 2018. If you love good ole stoner rock then “High Reeper” is for you.

Fingers crossed 2018 is as good as 2017 with the releases of stoner/doom albums.