Sleep – The Sciences (Album Review)

Well this album was totally unexpected but totally a special treat that the sleep camp did for us. I really shouldn’t have to tell people about this band but you don’t know they are one of the pioneers of stoner metal and stoner rock. They just released their new full length on 4/20 titled “The Sciences.” Now this my absolute honor in reviewing this monolithic album.

To start out Sleep has always been one of those bands that really takes you on a musical journey like on Dopesmoker or Holy Mountain (which I highly recommend to anyone getting into the genre) and once again they don’t disappoint in doing that. The opening track “The Sciences” really set the mood and vibe of the album, it’s very atmospheric and you can really get lost in all the sounds. Then something really magical and uplifting happens, a mysterious sound comes out of the fog and all you hear is a bong rip and then the acid starts to kick in and you’re immediately teleported into a cosmic sea of riffs and hypnotic drums. And don’t get me wrong, that’s kinda what the whole album is, very heavy riffs and atmospheric sounds and drone influences throughout the album.

Personally I think the climax of the album is when you reach the track “Giza Butler” it’s a play on words of the legendary Geezer Butler and the song starts out with the bass which makes sense. It almost has a very close OM vibe to it. The track also features some tasty tambourine.

Then before you know it Sleep leaves you with “The Botanist” which is just the most perfect send off you can do. But unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and this album is long and drawn out but to a stoner metal fan we never want it to end.

I think besides Pike’s amazing guitar work and Al’s bass playing and spectral vocals I think the drummer really shine a light on this record too, he really adds to the fire in a positive way.

I highly recommend this album and sleep in general to anyone that wants to dive into this genre. Go support this amazing album and amazing band.

Today I’m giving this album a 10/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

New and Notable Bands #4

Here are some super cool new bands you all should give a spin!

The Wizards

These guys are like mix of old Angel Witch and Dio. They bring the riffs and super catchy songs. They put out an album last year titled “Full Moon in Scorpio” and it’s a banger, I highly recommend checking these boys out.

Unearthly Trance

Hailing from New York, New York, Unearthly trance bring the riffs! And I guess they’re not really new considering they’ve been around for almost 20 years but they’re new to me. These guys released an album back in 2017 called “Stalking The Ghost” and it rips, it almost has a Gojira feel to them. I highly recommend checking these dudes out and checking out their newest album down below.

Lord Crow

Now check this out, I just discovered these guys recently and they are like High on Fire’s step brother, they bring the Thundering riffs and the drums strike like lightning! I really recommend this band that likes High on Fire, Black Cobra or Black Tusk. And their EP “God’s Amongst Men” is absolutely fantastic. Check it out down below.

Eagle Twin – The Thundering Heard (Album Review)

It’s my ultimate pleasure to be reviewing this beast. If you’re unaware of this great band this is Southern Lords own “Eagle Twin” and this is their newest release “The Thundering Heard.” And lemme tell you, just because this is just a doom duo doesn’t mean this sounds empty and weak, it almost sounds the opposite, they bring a huge wall of sound that sounds like a thundering heard! Like I said this is a duo consisting of guitarist Gentry Densley and drummer Tyler Smith, with these two it’s like a perfect storm of hurricane drums and a tsunami of guitars.

Let’s begin on this album, I know people are going to hate me for this but they have sort of a Sunn O))) feel to them, not because they have long songs but because they have a lot of atmospheric elements to them, and they definitely achieve this on this album. The instrumental aspect is totally righteous on this thing too, the drums are loud and clear but beefy and the guitars are nice and crunchy and everything else they throw in is absolutely perfect.

The star on the album in my opinion is “Heavy Hoof” they throw a lot of different influences in this track and it goes all over the place, it’s great.

The only negative thing I have to say about the album is the vocals, I feel like they could have went with a different vocal approach to the songs but again that’s just my opinion.

Make sure you go out and pick up this great new album or follow the link below to their Spotify.

Today I’m giving this album a 7.5/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

New and Notable Bands #3

We are all joined here together to journey across the land to find the newest and heaviest bands, here are some bands I’ve heard recently that have caught my attention.

Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean

If you want heavy…look no further “Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean” is the solution for you. Just think of the lowest point of the earth in a abyss, deep, dark and uncomfortable, that is how I would describe CTTBOTO, they released an album back in 2017 titled “Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress” and it absolutely rips. I highly recommend them for anyone that is a fan of very, very, very heavy music.

Indian Goat

Indian Goat are a great local band from my neck of the woods here in Spokane, Washington. They are a two piece fuzzy stoner rock band with a slide guitar thrown in, kinda reminds me if clutch was on acid riding a donkey. Definitely go check these guys out.


If you love old sword or baroness or very spacey and atmospheric heavy music then hyborian is for you! They have very melodic riffs almost in the same vein as In Flames, but somehow manage to keep the heaviness and catchiness as a stoner rock band. They released their debut album titled “Vol. 1”, go check it out and check these guys out on tour with everyone’s favorite stoners weedeater!

Well there you go ya filthy animals, some more tasty music you can dive into, Hope you guys enjoy.

New and Notable Bands #2

Here are some “newer” bands that have stood out to me in the past couple months.


If you love NWOBHM bands like priest, maiden and angel witch then you gotta check out “Haunt”, these guys are from Fresno, California, and it also features Trevor from the doom trio “Beastmaker”. They released a EP back in 2017 titled “Luminous Eyes”, go check them out and go support them!


Attalla is a Wisconsin based stoner metal band and they bring the RIFFS, combining classic Rock ‘n Roll riffs with great doom vibes, it’s very snazzy. I actually put their last album “Glacial Rule” in my top albums of 2017, you can go and check out that list and go support these guys and go buy their merch!

Green Lung

If your a fan of Red Fang, Bison and Clutch then “Green Lung” is right up your alley. These guys hail from London, UK, and they’re gonna release a very anticipated new EP titled “Free the Witch” coming February 19th, which I will definitely be doing a album review on. Make sure you guys go catch them on tour and make sure you check out their new EP when it comes out!

There you have it, I hope you guys enjoy those great bands! And thanks for all the support and love you guys have been giving Mammoth Tongue Reviews!

Record Label Spotlight feat. Live Fast Die Records

This is something new that I’ve never done but I’m going to show you all a great independent label that has many heavy hitting bands on it and I highly recommend checking them out.

This label is titled “Live Fast Die Records”, (Side note, I’m a big fan of GG Allin references). This label is primarily a Sludge/Doom/Crust label hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota. So, now that I’ve got the boring stuff out of the way let’s dive into the bands!

Circadian Ritual

The first band I wanna dive into is “Circadian Ritual”. These guys released an album back in December of 2017 and it’s titled “Befallen”. Now these dudes bring the heaviness, it feels like you’ve been teleported into some haunted cathedral and Circadian Ritual is playing for you. Go follow the link down below to check out their new record and go to the very bottom to check out any hard copies you wanna get your hands on

No Funeral

No funeral are another sludge/doom filled heavy hitter on the label. They actually released an EP titled “Mankind is Carrion, Fit for Nothing” and they did a split with the band “Livid”. If you hate your life and you wish you were dying in a hole then I’d definitely check out No Funeral.


The last band I’m gonna show you guys are “Ulkum”, these dudes really bring the black metal vibe for sure. It’s very dark, depressing and evil! They released a couple things in 2017, the first thing was “Demonstration” which was a bunch of their rehearsals and they released “First prophecy”. Remember guys follow the links and check out these great bands and support this great label!


Well there ya have it, my first record label spotlight! I hope you guys enjoyed!

*New and notable bands* (Bandcamp edition)

As a true doom fan that I am I always try to look deep in the underground like a rat in the sewers, here are some of my favorite bands I’ve found on Bandcamp recently


These guys hail from Little Rock, Arkansas and they combine a very interesting spin of prog and doom. They even give you a little tease of black metal on their song “War Pipe/Rite of the Calumet”. Their newest album “The Guardian of Yosemite” is absolutely fantastic, if you get the chance make sure you check these guys out and see them on your with pallbearer right now.


If you want simple, impactful and crushing sludge then “Weed Demon” is for you. These guys are from Columbus, Ohio, and they bring the heavy! They do have crushing riffs but don’t be mistaken they lead you on winding paths and valleys to new worlds with their samples and slow progressive parts to their songs.


Man where do I start with these guys? They are Canada bound and they are a progressive/speed metal band that is in the same vein as Voivod. One thing that really pops out at me is their jazz influence in their music, it brings such a cool atmosphere to the music, it’s like if a hammer was hitting you but it had this nice velvet cover on it, it still hurts but you’re ok with it. A song that stands out for me is “Abandoned Celestial State”, it starts off very thrashy and but then totally changes direction and goes into this jazz path but then goes right back into a thrash attack, it’s so refreshing. They almost remind me of something that faith no more would do or something like that. Go support these guys, you’ll thank me later!