Grandpa Jack – Evil One (Album Review)

Today we’re taking a look at the new Grandpa Jack album “Evil One” released on Lost Moon records.

This album right off the bat is packed full of amazing bluesy riffs, fuzzed out vocals and really cool swing beats. This album really has a lot of up and down parts, from songs like “The Stone” which is very vibe-oriented, to songs like “Evil One” which is like a blend of Thin Lizzy and Graveyard.

Side story about the album (but doesn’t have anything to do with the album) I actually have a great grandpa named jack and we call him “Grandpa Jack,” weird coincidence I guess haha.

So overall, if you’re looking for bluesy riffs, psychedelic rhythms, and just a good ole time I highly recommend Grandpa Jack. So go buy they’re new record and merch.

Today I’m giving this album a 6.5/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews

Marcellus Rex – S/T (Album Review)

Coming straight from the heart of Bordeaux, France, these psychedelic/pop giants made a killer record titled “Marcellus Rex”, so let’s check out this out.

This is the boys debut EP, and lemme tell you it’s fun to listen you, these guys are kinda in the same vein as Torche, and that’s pretty much it, they have a very unique and original sound, combining sounds such as, stoner rock, psychedelic, pop, electronic and a lot of strange noises that remind me of the 90s and I love it. It’s almost so out there it’s kinda like Faith No More or Strapping Young Lad had an influence on the album. And throughout the whole album is like this, every corner they turn or every area they go into it’s leaves you wanting more, but they still achieve to make great songs with great riffs and good dynamics underneath that heavy layer of strange noises.

Ok now for the bad stuff, which I’m absolutely terrible at. The vocals fit very well, the production is great (the bass may be a little too loud at points), the songs have a nice flow to them, this Album is just awesome, and it has pretty much every instrument thrown in it. So I suggest checking this album out and go support these guys, I believe they have a CD available to buy.

Today I’m giving this album a 9/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.