Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard/Slomatics – Totems (Split Album Review)

The doom is strong with this one ladies and gentlemen, today I will be reviewing the new Slomatics and Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard Split, simply titled “Totems.” For some history, Slomatics are from the UK and have been around since 2004. MWWB are also from UK and have roughly been around since 2015. Now personally I’m not too fond of MWWB, their riffs and the musicianship is wonderful but I think the lead singer sounds like a 12 year old girl and it doesn’t really match the music all that well, but that’s neither here nor there. Let’s proceed with the review

Ok, so first up is MWWB, they begin the Split first and they definitely do a really good job at building an atmosphere and they bring really good riffs, but one thing I noticed with their songs especially in “Eagduru” is when they had a really heavy riff like you knew it was gonna lead to something really heavy but then it would completely change directions and it was like teasing you but it wouldn’t ever get anywhere. But overall I think they did really good and it definitely their best work yet.

Slomatics on the other hand crushed it, their opening track “Ancient Architects” is such a great opener to their side of the Split, it has a lot of spacey sounds, lots of great harmonies and real thick guitar tones. Whenever I think of doom I think of a very large cathedral with many levels in it to explore and venture in different rooms, and Slomatics definitely achieve this.

Overall, I think this Split was super great and these two bands work really well with each other, they really compliment each other’s music.

So go check out this new Split by Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard and Slomatics down below!

Today I’m giving this Split a 8/10


Deathbell – With the Beyond (Album Review)

Yesssss bring on doom! Hailing from France “Deathbell” is a female fronted fuzz filled stoner metal band. With their new album “With the Beyond.” And my god this album has it all, heavy riffs, monolithic drums, cathedral organs and vocals that’ll put you into a meditative state. So let us begin.

Right from the beginning of this album it is just pure heaviness but it never leaves you getting bored, it keeps you wanting more throughout the whole record. It’s a perfect blend of heaviness but very catchy. Like some sort of mermaid dragging you in with her beautiful voice then killing you brutally.

This album is pretty straight forward, that’s what I love about this genre, it’s very simple and pure. They remind me a lot of Windhand and those sort of stoner metal bands. But they know when to slow things down and get evil but they know when to pick things up and get the party going and I absolutely love that. So make sure you go check these guys out, and go buy their merch.

I’m giving this album a 7.5/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

New and Notable Bands #3

We are all joined here together to journey across the land to find the newest and heaviest bands, here are some bands I’ve heard recently that have caught my attention.

Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean

If you want heavy…look no further “Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean” is the solution for you. Just think of the lowest point of the earth in a abyss, deep, dark and uncomfortable, that is how I would describe CTTBOTO, they released an album back in 2017 titled “Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress” and it absolutely rips. I highly recommend them for anyone that is a fan of very, very, very heavy music.

Indian Goat

Indian Goat are a great local band from my neck of the woods here in Spokane, Washington. They are a two piece fuzzy stoner rock band with a slide guitar thrown in, kinda reminds me if clutch was on acid riding a donkey. Definitely go check these guys out.


If you love old sword or baroness or very spacey and atmospheric heavy music then hyborian is for you! They have very melodic riffs almost in the same vein as In Flames, but somehow manage to keep the heaviness and catchiness as a stoner rock band. They released their debut album titled “Vol. 1”, go check it out and check these guys out on tour with everyone’s favorite stoners weedeater!

Well there you go ya filthy animals, some more tasty music you can dive into, Hope you guys enjoy.

Odcult – Into the Earth (Album Review)

Odcult is a Swedish doom rock band and let me tell you they know how to bring it when necessary but also have very catchy choruses. Let’s dive into this beast of a record titled “Into the Earth.” Odcult started roughly back in 2013, they have a sound that mixes doom, stoner rock, and almost arena like rock vocals in the mix.

The fun part of doing an album review on a band that I have no idea about is that I can just listen and do a completely unbiased review. So when I first put on this record, it’s stoner metal but it’s almost like if Black Sabbath was a little faster and a lot more catchy, that’s the best way I could sum up Odcult, and that’s how it is on the whole album. They have very good production on the album, big bassy drums, crunchy guitars and raspy vocals.

Some things I don’t like about the album is that the bass is very high on the mix and it is almost distracting from the rest of the instruments. Also another problem I had with the album and honestly it’s not bad it’s just not my taste, is the vocals, it kinda sounds like he should be singing for a dad rock band on the radio but it works nicely for this band. You can go check out this band on Bandcamp and Spotify and go support this amazing Swedish stoner rock band!

Today I’m giving this album a 6/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

New and Notable Bands #2

Here are some “newer” bands that have stood out to me in the past couple months.


If you love NWOBHM bands like priest, maiden and angel witch then you gotta check out “Haunt”, these guys are from Fresno, California, and it also features Trevor from the doom trio “Beastmaker”. They released a EP back in 2017 titled “Luminous Eyes”, go check them out and go support them!


Attalla is a Wisconsin based stoner metal band and they bring the RIFFS, combining classic Rock ‘n Roll riffs with great doom vibes, it’s very snazzy. I actually put their last album “Glacial Rule” in my top albums of 2017, you can go and check out that list and go support these guys and go buy their merch!

Green Lung

If your a fan of Red Fang, Bison and Clutch then “Green Lung” is right up your alley. These guys hail from London, UK, and they’re gonna release a very anticipated new EP titled “Free the Witch” coming February 19th, which I will definitely be doing a album review on. Make sure you guys go catch them on tour and make sure you check out their new EP when it comes out!

There you have it, I hope you guys enjoy those great bands! And thanks for all the support and love you guys have been giving Mammoth Tongue Reviews!

Fu Manchu – Clone of the Universe (Album Review)

Making their triumphant return since their anticipated album “Gigantoid” back in 2014, this Orange County based stoner rock band is releasing a new full length titled “Clone of the Universe”, and of course I’m talking about the legends “Fu Manchu”. These guys really know how to combine such cool genres like the old 70s vibes with the 80s skate movement that was going on in California, if I had to wrap them up in a description I’d say they’re like if Jimi Hendrix rode a skateboard.

So now we got the bio out of the way, let’s dig in this monster. On the first couple tracks they try to really bring the punk style, but still incorporating the old school feel to them, but it doesn’t feel like they’re trying to hard, it feels very natural and it flows absolutely perfect. Towards the middle you get kind of a slower/trippy song titled “Slower than Light”, which is great breakup of the album, it let’s you take a breath and relax for a second, but then it jumps right back in the heaviness with the song “Nowhere Left to Hide”. And the title track of the album definitely sums up the whole album, when they released it as their single it didn’t really make much sense and I thought it was kind of a boring song, but going back and listening to it in full it makes a lot more sense now.

The only negative thing I have to say about the album is the last track “II Mostro Atomico”, now the song itself isn’t bad but I just think it doesn’t fit, like yeah I get that they were just trying to have a jam song at the end but the whole album is full of 2-4 minuet bangers, so to put a 18 minuet long epic just didn’t feel right to me, but hey I think overall they make a fantastic record and anyone that hasn’t heard of this great band needs to dig into their old discography and check them out. Make sure you go support Fu Manchu and go check them out on tour!

Today I’m giving this record a 8/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.