Green Lung – Woodland Rites (Album Review)

Green Lung has yet to disappoint with their releases. Their newest release “Woodland Rites” captures heaviness with awesome layering, and even some saxophone action…what more could you ask for, let’s jump in.

The album starts by throwing you into the woodlands themselves with beautiful acoustic riffs and just a awesome jam between the whole band. Then leading into my favorite track “Woodland Rites” with Groovy verses and super hooky choruses that’ll get stuck in your head for days.

Then we get to the middle of the album with “Templar Dawn” and this track is nothing but doom riffs and sludgy drums, and I must say they have really awesome samples on this album. This album is really good with staying consistent than switching things up with adding organs and little things here and there which really make a big difference and people really dig those different elements.

Towards the end of the album we get really beautiful clean guitars with tracks like “May Queen” and “Into the Wild” and these two are such a good combo to end the record.

These band has impressed so much these last couple of years just releasing total bangers and I don’t think they’re gonna stop anytime soon. So I highly recommend checking out these dudes if they come to your city and go buy their new album and merch and all that good stuff.

Today I’m giving this album a 8/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews


Deathbell – With the Beyond (Album Review)

Yesssss bring on doom! Hailing from France “Deathbell” is a female fronted fuzz filled stoner metal band. With their new album “With the Beyond.” And my god this album has it all, heavy riffs, monolithic drums, cathedral organs and vocals that’ll put you into a meditative state. So let us begin.

Right from the beginning of this album it is just pure heaviness but it never leaves you getting bored, it keeps you wanting more throughout the whole record. It’s a perfect blend of heaviness but very catchy. Like some sort of mermaid dragging you in with her beautiful voice then killing you brutally.

This album is pretty straight forward, that’s what I love about this genre, it’s very simple and pure. They remind me a lot of Windhand and those sort of stoner metal bands. But they know when to slow things down and get evil but they know when to pick things up and get the party going and I absolutely love that. So make sure you go check these guys out, and go buy their merch.

I’m giving this album a 7.5/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

Green Lung – Free the Witch (EP Review)

Finally the time has come for this amazing fuzz filled, catchy hooks, thick bass lines and pounding drums from the London based “Green Lung”! The EP automatically starts very punchy and in your face, which is great, I hate how sometimes a stoner or doom album can take ages to get started, Green Lung know how to get the party started in just the right way, with super catchy riffs and super catchy choruses. Then when you get into the second song “Free the Witch”, the song is just kinda standard in the beginning but towards the end it almost turns into some sort of ritualistic chant straight from an Coven album or your dads horror movie collection. The doom train keeps moving into “Living Fossil”, which has a great sludge riff in the beginning which is very tasty, again the song is very typical but then they throw in a sweet spacey bass solo right in the middle, it fits perfectly. Finally they leave you with a monstrous 8-minuet banger titled “Older than the Hills”, it’s very chill and it features a very cool Wah bass effect in there and a great phaser guitar riff for all the music nerds that care. Then they leave you with 17 seconds of complete silence because after listening to the EP your gonna have to reflect your life.

I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with this album, the only thing I could maybe point out is that the songs are a little too stretch but that’s me trying to find something wrong with it, my god this piece is perfect, and I highly recommend it to not only just your average stoner metal fan but even someone that’s dabbling into sludge and the heavier side of stoner metal. Go buy these guys awesome merch and go buy yourself this awesome EP!

Today I’m giving this EP a 9.5/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

Windhand/Satan’s Satyrs – Split (Album Review)

I am very excited to be reviewing this beast, I have a long history with both of these bands, and I think one of the best releases of 2018 so far…so let’s jump right in. So to first point out this is the legendary doom outfit “Windhand” teaming up with the biker rock trio “Satan’s Satyrs” and they’re releasing this via Relapse Records. So the first half is Windhand throwing down some heavy tracks with “Old Evil” and “Three Sisters” and to me Old Evil didn’t really do anything for me but Three Sisters is definitely one of Windhands most evil and doom filled songs, it even features a organ! How much more evil can you get. Especially with the fuzz filled and monstrous drums on this track.

Then on the other half it’s Satan’s Satyrs taking a swing at the Split. They first throw “Alucard Ad 2018” at you which is a groovy/70s vibe song, then they continue on the streak of blood pumping tunes with the track “Succubus”, which to me isn’t anything special but hey I think both of these bands did a killer job making a solid Split together. I think personally the winner on this album is Windhand, the singer brings such a atmospheric and creepy voice it gives me goosebumps. Now don’t get me wrong I love Satan’s Satyrs just as much but I’m gonna have to give it to Windhand on this one.

You can go buy this album down below and support both of these great bands!

I’m giving this Split a 8/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.