Sundrifter – Visitations (Album Review)

Flying across the astral plane I see a strange light in the distance…The strange light is a band called “Sundrifter”. These guys hail from Boston, Massachusetts, and they are a stoner rock band that blends heavy riffs, beefy drums and hypnotic vocals that’ll make you feel like you’re not human. I am proudly reviewing their new album titled “Visitations” released February 6th. To begin this album really puts you through a journey so it’s not an album you just listen to a couple tracks and go on with your day, you have to listen to the whole thing front to back, the start of the album is like you’ve been blasted off Into space with the track “Sons of Belial”, and lemme tell you the first 3 tracks are just total bangers, but when you get to “Targeted” the album begins to shift and you start to get a roller coaster affect of an album which is pretty great, this album ends with the song “I Want to Leave” which pretty much sums up the end of a great album, it slowly brings you back down to the earth.

These guys sound like if Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age had a baby, it’s name would be Sundrifter for sure. I highly recommend this band to anyone that is getting into Space Rock or Stoner Rock, it’s got all of the key components of those genres. Go support these guys and check them out whenever they come to your city!

I am giving this album a 8/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.