BORT – The Unblinking Eye (EP Review)

Strap in and get ready for this powerhouse of an EP, Canada’s own BORT follows up to their 2018 release of “Crossing the Desert” with “The Unblinking Eye” now let’s get right into the riffs.

The EP starts with almost a 80s style synth intro that reminds me of stranger things. Speaking of 80s they also do a fantastic recreation of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by “Tears for Fears” and as surprising as that is I think it fits perfectly into the EP.

The whole piece of music has really bluesy riffs and catchy vocals, I think they’ve progressed for the better since their first release.

I think one thing they really accomplished on this album is their super hooky choruses that’ll get stuck in your head for days.

So as always go support this awesome band, if they come to your town go see them and buy their merch!

Today I’m giving this album a 6/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews

Wizzerd – S/T (Album Review)

Coming straight from the mountains of Montana, the powerhouse that is known as “Wizzerd” has blessed us with a new record and it is filled to the brim with all sorts of cool things. Let’s dive into this adventure and see what we can find.

First the record starts with straight stoner riffs which really sets the tone for the album but then they dive into some real jammin punk vibes was a cool transition. I think this album is a perfect example of a roller coaster of an album, then can have great riffs with slow melodic parts but then get real heavy and fast.

One stand out thing to me on the album is their instruments they use and how they use different instruments outside of just a guitar or bass and when I first heard it I instantly thought of the album sabotage by Black Sabbath because they did the same thing on some songs.

So overall this album has a little bit of everything, they have amazing chunky riffs, great full drums and plenty of different instruments thrown around to please everyone. So I would definitely recommend this band and of course if they come to your town go see them and go buy their new album and merch!

Today I’m giving this album a 7/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

Green Lung – Woodland Rites (Album Review)

Green Lung has yet to disappoint with their releases. Their newest release “Woodland Rites” captures heaviness with awesome layering, and even some saxophone action…what more could you ask for, let’s jump in.

The album starts by throwing you into the woodlands themselves with beautiful acoustic riffs and just a awesome jam between the whole band. Then leading into my favorite track “Woodland Rites” with Groovy verses and super hooky choruses that’ll get stuck in your head for days.

Then we get to the middle of the album with “Templar Dawn” and this track is nothing but doom riffs and sludgy drums, and I must say they have really awesome samples on this album. This album is really good with staying consistent than switching things up with adding organs and little things here and there which really make a big difference and people really dig those different elements.

Towards the end of the album we get really beautiful clean guitars with tracks like “May Queen” and “Into the Wild” and these two are such a good combo to end the record.

These band has impressed so much these last couple of years just releasing total bangers and I don’t think they’re gonna stop anytime soon. So I highly recommend checking out these dudes if they come to your city and go buy their new album and merch and all that good stuff.

Today I’m giving this album a 8/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews

Crypt Trip – Haze Country (Album Review)

What a pleasant surprise to wake up and see this wonderful album being released today! Texas’s own Crypt Trip are back with “Haze Country” released on Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

First off lemme tell you the follow up before listening to this album. So I’ve been on an old outlaw country kick lately so when I discovered this it’s like everything was coming full circle!

Right when you play this album it throws you right into the golden era of old country and rock n roll starting with “Forward” which is also an instrumental, there’s actually a couple instrumentals on this album but they’re nice, they kinda break up the album quite nice.

Some stand out tracks for me are “To Be Whole”, “Free Rain” and “16 Ounce Blues.” All of these tracks are super diverse, one minute you’ll be be up on a mountain with Led Zeppelin then one minute you’ll be riding a horse with Waylon Jennings. And to be honest I love it, it’s been awhile since I’ve heard a stoner rock album that’s been influenced by old country and even a hint of rockabilly.

So if you haven’t already go check out this album and go buy their new color vinyls and go support them on tour!

Today I’m giving this album a 9/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.

LáGoon – The Unwelcome (Album Review)

Portland’s based two piece fuzzy stonery heavyweights have returned for the follow up to “L’affaire Des Poisons” so let’s find out who the Unwelcome are and let’s see if the riffs are up to par.

First off lemme just say that the guitar tone really stands to me, now obviously they’re just a two piece, but when I first heard them they sounded like a full band.

The first couple songs that really stand out to me is “Worship the Van” and “Chop City” both of those songs are such a prime example of their super catchy riffs and song writing. This whole record is full of fuzz and doom but with some swing and catchiness which I think is an absolute perfect mix.

They definitely nail the roller coaster effect that I keep bringing up on these last couple reviews, they really know to go everywhere musically, they never stay in one spot for to long.

So truth be told I’m totally in love with this record and I highly recommend checking out this band and if you see them on tour make sure you go support them and buy their merch and music!

Today I’m giving this album a 8/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews

Earthdriver – Leave Something Witchy (EP Review)

Get ready everybody…this new EP by Earthdriver will hit you pretty hard, now don’t get bummed just cause it’s an EP, this thing is packed full of crunchy guitars and super full drums. This little beast is titled “Leave Something Witchy…” which is an awesome reference to Charles Manson, let’s take a look at the whole EP.

First off, before I start talking about the songs I have to just say the guitar tone and sound is absolutely destructive. Ok, now with the first song “Leave Something Witchy” they ease you into the heaviness rather than just slamming you right in the face, and of course they had to throw in the Charles Manson snippet in the beginning which I thought was a fantastic touch. They song has a lot of grooves and great catches, it almost reminds me of some Fu Manchu vibes.

Second track is literally more upbeat, but still very hard hitting and powerful. The one thing that had to grow on me was the vocals, when I first listened to them I wasn’t very fond of em but listening over and over it really makes sense and they grew on me for sure.

Now lastly my favorite song and the end of the EP “Genesis/Lament of the Elder Gods” now it not only is a super killer song titled but it lives up to it! The first part “Genesis” is a perfect transition to the next piece of music, it sets a perfect tone to the song. “Lament of the Elder Gods” is by far one of the heaviest riffs I’ve heard in a long time, they say they’re a three piece but in reality it sounds like a whole army of powerful doom metal soldiers attacking and pillaging. And the vocals on this track fits more to the band, I think.

Overall this EP is very impressive and I can’t wait to hear more of these guys. Go support them and go buy their merch/Music!

I’m giving this album a 9/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews

The Black Sound – Doorways to the Wrist (Album Review)

Coming straight from California “The Black Sound” are an unstoppable force of heavy riffs, punky grooves and gnarly raspy vocals. This is their newest album titled “Doorways to the Wrist” released on Forbidden Place Records. Now let’s crack into this heavy hitter.

Starting the album with “Corpse Flower” which is a pretty doom-tastic song, lots of riffs and hooks. The one thing that really grabs me through is the vocalist, I think he has the ideal stoner metal vocals, they’re raspy but you can still understand him and it’s powerful.

Now to me this album screams Black Tusk, they have stoner vibes, punk/hardcore styles, and even sludge sprinkled throughout. Personally I think this album has everything you need in a good stoner metal album, it’s a roller coaster of an album.

They end the album ends on a real classic punk trip, but then end you with a very heavy conclusion to this monster of an album.

If you get a chance to buy their merch and music I definitely would, go listen to their album on Bandcamp and go support these guys!

Today I’m giving this album a 7/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews