Greenleaf – Hear the Rivers (Album Review)

It has been a long hiatus for the Mammoth Tongue camp but we’re finally back and we’re going to be reviewing this fuzz driven album by the Sweden bound rockers “Greenleaf.” Greenleaf is from Borlänge, Sweden and takes many influences from Black Sabbath, ZZ Top and Pink Floyd. So you might ask well what does this album sound like? Well I’m gonna tell you.

The first couple songs of the album right off the bat are super fuzzy/riff oriented songs, but they are so catchy and have so many grooves it’s hard to believe that they are from Sweden when they have mastered the southern groove style. There’s a couple tracks that really stand out to me on the record, the first song “Let it out!” The fourth song “Good Ol’Goat” and the eighth song “In the Caverns Below,” don’t get me wrong the album is fantastic but those songs really summarize the riffs, the hooks and the really catchy Choruses that the album has to offer.

This albums production is by far one of the coolest sounds I’ve heard in awhile, it sounds like every instrument is recorded in a monolithic church and the singer is the preacher with a very cool raspy/fuzz sound over top of everything.

So in conclusion, this album has the riffs, the hooks and very catchy choruses that the whole family will enjoy. This is actually the first album I’ve heard from this band and I’m obviously going to research all of their albums and hope they tour the states very soon. Go check them out on Bandcamp and go grab some Merch and buy they super cool album.

Today I’m giving this album a 8/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.


Odcult – Into the Earth (Album Review)

Odcult is a Swedish doom rock band and let me tell you they know how to bring it when necessary but also have very catchy choruses. Let’s dive into this beast of a record titled “Into the Earth.” Odcult started roughly back in 2013, they have a sound that mixes doom, stoner rock, and almost arena like rock vocals in the mix.

The fun part of doing an album review on a band that I have no idea about is that I can just listen and do a completely unbiased review. So when I first put on this record, it’s stoner metal but it’s almost like if Black Sabbath was a little faster and a lot more catchy, that’s the best way I could sum up Odcult, and that’s how it is on the whole album. They have very good production on the album, big bassy drums, crunchy guitars and raspy vocals.

Some things I don’t like about the album is that the bass is very high on the mix and it is almost distracting from the rest of the instruments. Also another problem I had with the album and honestly it’s not bad it’s just not my taste, is the vocals, it kinda sounds like he should be singing for a dad rock band on the radio but it works nicely for this band. You can go check out this band on Bandcamp and Spotify and go support this amazing Swedish stoner rock band!

Today I’m giving this album a 6/10 here on Mammoth Tongue Reviews.