Record Label Spotlight feat. Live Fast Die Records

This is something new that I’ve never done but I’m going to show you all a great independent label that has many heavy hitting bands on it and I highly recommend checking them out.

This label is titled “Live Fast Die Records”, (Side note, I’m a big fan of GG Allin references). This label is primarily a Sludge/Doom/Crust label hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota. So, now that I’ve got the boring stuff out of the way let’s dive into the bands!

Circadian Ritual

The first band I wanna dive into is “Circadian Ritual”. These guys released an album back in December of 2017 and it’s titled “Befallen”. Now these dudes bring the heaviness, it feels like you’ve been teleported into some haunted cathedral and Circadian Ritual is playing for you. Go follow the link down below to check out their new record and go to the very bottom to check out any hard copies you wanna get your hands on

No Funeral

No funeral are another sludge/doom filled heavy hitter on the label. They actually released an EP titled “Mankind is Carrion, Fit for Nothing” and they did a split with the band “Livid”. If you hate your life and you wish you were dying in a hole then I’d definitely check out No Funeral.


The last band I’m gonna show you guys are “Ulkum”, these dudes really bring the black metal vibe for sure. It’s very dark, depressing and evil! They released a couple things in 2017, the first thing was “Demonstration” which was a bunch of their rehearsals and they released “First prophecy”. Remember guys follow the links and check out these great bands and support this great label!


Well there ya have it, my first record label spotlight! I hope you guys enjoyed!